What Is Varicose Vein Treatment In Brooklyn?

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What Is Varicose Vein Treatment In Brooklyn?

An estimated 23% of adults are thought to have varicose veins. Varicose Vein Treatment in Brooklyn, you receive skilled care using the most cutting-edge treatments, whether your goal is to get rid of varicose veins to improve your appearance or to ease bothersome symptoms. At his clinics in Brooklyn Heights and Fort Greene, the Specialist treats varicose veins. Call your local New York City office right now to make an appointment, or book one online.

Varicose veins

Dark purple or blue veins, frequently appearing twisted or gnarled, are one sign of varicose veins. The legs may feel heavy or achy, and there may be burning, throbbing, or muscular cramping. There may also be itching around the veins, vein discoloration, or vein hardening.

Consult a vein specialist right away if you have ulcers (sores) around your ankles as this could be a sign of a more serious condition.

Treatments for varicose and spider veins include high ligation and vein stripping, as well as sclerotherapy and laser surgery (all of which induce the veins to slowly disappear). Surgery for varicose veins is typically done as an outpatient procedure.

What treatments are available for varicose veins?

Your varicose veins are securely removed by a Varicose Veins Specialist utilizing one of the following in-office procedures:


Varicose Veins Specialist administers a drug through a tiny needle that harms the vein and leaves behind scar tissue that your body eventually absorbs. The veins eventually go away, and blood flow is automatically redirected through healthy veins.

Radiofrequency and laser therapy:

Endovenous radiofrequency ablation employs a catheter with a radiofrequency tip to treat varicose veins, whereas endovenous laser ablation uses a laser fiber. However, the same process is used for both operations.

Varicose Veins Specialist carefully maneuvers the laser fiber or radiofrequency catheter through the varicose veins while using ultrasonography to see your veins. The laser or radiofrequency energy pulses that the devices emit as they pass through the vein gradually warm the vein wall, causing it to collapse and seal the vein shut.

Varicose veins vanish as your body progressively absorbs the repaired tissue. Normal blood flow through your legs is reinstated since the blood is being redirected through a healthy vein.

Closing Up:

Call the Brooklyn location or make an appointment online for people who have unattractive and painful vein disorders to understand how Laser & Varicose Vein Treatment in Brooklyn can help them find relief from the physical and cosmetic concerns of spider and varicose vein