Vascular Testing

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Vascular Testing

Vascular Testing services offered in Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY and Jackson Heights, Queens, NY

Vascular testing is a high-tech and noninvasive way to check the health and function of your veins and arteries. At Park Slope Medical Office, PC in New York City, top-rated vascular specialist Anjan Rau, MD, and the team use vascular testing to make an accurate and timely diagnosis and recommend the ideal treatment for you. Call the office in Park Slope, Brooklyn, or Jackson Heights, Queens, or click the online booking feature to arrange vascular testing today.

What is vascular testing?

Vascular testing involves evaluating your blood vessels using advanced imaging techniques. If you have vascular issues or risk developing them, regular vascular testing is essential to your health care. 

What problems can vascular testing detect?

Vascular testing can check your veins, the carotid arteries in your neck, the aortic artery in your abdomen, the peripheral arteries that lead to your arms and legs, and renal (kidney) arteries. This type of testing can detect problems such as:

  • Narrowed blood vessels
  • Weak spots in blood vessels
  • Leaking vein valves
  • Disrupted blood flow
  • Clots in deep veins
  • Chronic venous insufficiency (CVI)
  • Peripheral artery disease (PAD)

Discovering vascular issues early through vascular testing can help avoid stroke, heart attack, and aneurysms. 

In addition, the team can use vascular testing to monitor patients who recently had vascular surgery, such as bypass surgery or stent placement, to ensure the procedure is effective. 

What can I expect during vascular testing?

Park Slope Medical Office, PC uses two main vascular testing techniques, including:

Blood pressure

Measuring the blood pressure in your arms and legs can help identify parts of your body that aren’t getting enough blood or have blood pressure discrepancies. These results can indicate problems such as blood vessel blockages.


Ultrasound imaging uses sound waves to create images of your blood vessels. The team uses Doppler color ultrasounds to help the vascular specialists assess the health of your blood vessels and how blood flows through them. 

These vascular tests are completely noninvasive and painless. The team performs them as outpatient procedures in the Brooklyn and Queens offices. 

What happens after vascular testing?

After vascular testing, your Park Slope Medical Office, PC provider explains the test results and recommends specific treatments if needed.

As with vascular testing, the team performs the majority of vascular treatments, like sclerotherapy, laser vein treatments, and laser vein ablation, on-site. 

Park Slope Medical Office, PC makes vascular testing easy. If you need vascular testing, contact the office nearest you by phone or click on the online appointment maker to set up testing today. The team looks forward to helping you.