Radiofrequency Vein Treatment

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Radiofrequency Vein Treatment

Radiofrequency Vein Treatment services offered in Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY and Jackson Heights, Queens, NY

Radiofrequency vein treatment is an innovative way to eliminate varicose veins without surgery. Park Slope Medical Office, PC in New York City, offers this high-tech procedure under the skilled guidance of board-certified vascular surgeon Anjan Rau, MD. Radiofrequency vein treatment only takes an hour or two at one of the offices in Park Slope, Brooklyn, and Jackson Heights, Queens, and you can walk immediately afterward. Call the nearest office or click the online scheduling feature today.

What is radiofrequency vein treatment?

Radiofrequency vein treatment is a procedure that uses pulses of radiofrequency energy to target and damage unhealthy vein tissue without harming healthy tissue nearby. That causes the vein walls to close, and the blood within the veins travels to other areas. 

Over time, the vein atrophies, shrinking until the tissue is completely absorbed, and you dispose of it through normal waste elimination processes. Radiofrequency vein treatment has a remarkable 98% success rate. 

What issues does radiofrequency vein treatment address?

Radiofrequency vein treatment is an effective option for varicose veins, the large, knotty, and ropy veins that usually develop in the legs. 

Varicose veins appear when the vein valves stop working. That allows blood to seep backward, down to the legs, instead of moving up to the heart. The excess blood stretches the veins, putting tremendous pressure on them until they bulge. 

Radiofrequency vein treatment can eliminate the vein valves and the vein itself, allowing for smooth legs and relief of symptoms like leg pain, aching, and itching. 

What is the radiofrequency vein treatment process? 

Radiofrequency vein treatment starts with vein mapping using ultrasound imaging. Your provider administers a local anesthetic, makes a small incision above the vein, and guides a long thin tube (catheter) into the vein. 

They then thread a slender fiber through the catheter and send radiofrequency energy through the fiber to target the vein walls. Once the fiber and catheter are withdrawn, a small bandage is placed over the incision. The procedure takes about an hour.

What happens after my radiofrequency vein treatment?

You can return home shortly after your procedure. You can expect to wear compression stockings during the healing process. These support vein closure and help speed the healing. 

Most people experience steady improvement of vein-related symptoms in the weeks following treatment. It may take several months for the treated vein to vanish completely. 

During your follow-up appointment at Park Slope Medical Office, PC, you might have another ultrasound to ensure your treated vein is completely closed.

Safe, effective radiofrequency vein treatment has low risk and no downtime, so it’s a popular varicose vein treatment. To learn more about how it can help you get rid of varicose veins for good, call Park Slope Medical Office, PC, or click online booking today.